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RSA Encryption Helper Class

I have created this helper class that wraps RSACryptoServiceProvider to provide a simple way for encrypting/decrypting strings.



EasyBuildingCMS.NET (A Module-based CMS Framework)

EasyBuildingCMS.NET (A Module-based CMS Framework)

One of my old work šŸ™‚

EasyBuildingCMS.Net is a module-based CMS and a web application framework which is developed using .NET 4.0/Visual Studio 2010, Entity Framework/LINQ-to-Entity, SQL Server 2008. To build this framework, I have/will borrow some ideas from Sharepoint and TheBeerHouse.

PleaseĀ find Source CodeĀ here.

EasyBuildingCMS.Net is highly modularized. The most important concept of this CMS framework is ā€œBuildingBlockā€ thatĀ is similar to the WebPart used in Sharepoint. All the function modules such as content editor, news, gallery, forum, blog, report can be encapsulated into an independent BuildingBlock. It is extremely easy to build custom BuildingBlock (just require one line code).