Tableau #1 – Analysis of UK’s Eurovision performance

Eurovision is my favourite song contest programme, not only because of the not bad songs but also the acid humour from the BBC presenter Terry Wogan. I have been watching this show for a few years, from my memory, UK has constantly performed poorly on the final voting which has been blamed as “tactical Eastern bloc voting” by Terry Wogan.

As I came across the raw data of Eurovision results (from 1998 to 2012) a few days ago, it gives me an opportunities to feed my curiosity on how UK has performed in the contest statistically.

I loaded the raw data into Tableau and create a box-and-whisker plot to compare the average place of each country participated in the contest.


From the chart, we can see that UK did perform below average and ranked 9th from bottom with France, Portugal etl. countries below it. The average rank of UK is 16.33, below the overall average rank of all countries (12.70).


From the box-and-whisker plot of UK, we can see that UK’s ranks in the contest from 1998 to 2012 have wide spread from the 2nd place to 26th place. The median of the ranks is 16 and the lower quartile is 11.50 which makes UK at the average-below level compared to other countries. However, the interesting part is the upper quartile which is as high as 24 which indicates that UK has been at the bottom of the contest for quite a few years. In comparison to the box plot of France’s and Portugal’s, although both average and median of the two countries’s ranks are lower than UK’s, the distribution of the ranks are less spread and the upper quartile of the two countries’ are lower than UK’s. That may explain why my perception of UK’s performance on Eurovision is worse than those two countries.

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