Workaround of the Power BI Guest User License Assignment Issue

I have recently been working with an insurance client to help them design a solution to distribute Power BI app to external guest users with Azure AD B2B. I have designed this solution based on Microsoft Power BI content external distribution guideline whitepaper: Distribute Power BI content to external guest users using Azure Active Directory B2B.  However, I have met an issue for assigning external guest user the Power BI pro license.

To allow external access to the Power BI app, guest users must have a Power BI pro license. Power BI supports three approaches to license external users, using Power BI Premium, assigning Power BI pro licenses to guest users, using guest users’ existing Power BI pro license if they have. This client decided to assign Power BI pro licenses to those guest users who do not have one already.

Based on the guideline whitepaper, we should be able to assign the Power BI pro license to guest user through Office 365 admin portal.


However, on the Office 365 admin portal, the product licenses management option is only available for the internal users but not for the Azure AD B2B guest users. After a google research online, there seems an issue currently with guest user license assignment through Office 365 admin portal. It looks the only option for now is to assign guest user license through API.

Here is the scripts for assign Power BI license:

Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName "{User principal name}" -UsageLocation GB
Set-MsolUserLicense - UserPrincipalName "{User principal name}" -AddLicenses “{Tenant Name}:POWER_BI_PRO"

The {User principal name} is the guest account name of the invited external user. You can find it on the Username field of the guest user on Office 365 admin portal.

The -UsageLocation parameter in the Set-MsolUser cmdlet specifies the location country of a user with a two-letter ISO code. You can lookup the country code through this link:

The -AddLicenses parameter in the Set-MsolUserLicense cmdlet specifies the license to assign to the user which consists two part: {Tenant Name} (the name of the tenant) and POWER_BI_PRO (license code for Power BI pro).

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